Five ways you’ll benefit from using one of Red Oxygen’s assorted applications or tools:

  1. Save Time

    • Send bulk SMS blasts to conveniently reach your entire target list with just a single click! No more hours wasted contacting people one by one.
    • 90% of texts are read within 30 seconds. Faster communication means less time you have to spend getting people up to speed on info they should already know.
  2. Boost Communication Speed

    • Email is the new snail mail.” – L.A. Times.
    • Directly reach people wherever they’re at…regardless of whether they’re using a Smartphone, feature phone, or tablet.
    • Avoid any possibility of your messages landing in Junk Mail folders. This is direct communication!
  3. Enhance Company Efficiency

    • People will never miss an important message or be able to forget about a meeting again with emergency alert SMS and calendar reminder SMS.
    • Deliver real-time updates to staff, which reach them fast – when they need it – so they can respond swiftly when there is an important notice, change of plan, or an emergency.
  4. Build Stronger Relationships

    • Make your connection to clients and staff feel more personal by communicating directly with them via desktop SMS.
    • Always be punctual with scheduled SMS.
  5. Increase Revenues

    • Drive more business by utilizing Red Oxygen’s cost-effective tools for SMS marketing.
    • Save on costly staff hours currently wasted clearing up unnecessary misconceptions due to slow and inefficient communications. Business moves at the speed of light. Your communications should, too!